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ABOUT BANDATask for the provision of humanitarian assistance in securing support and rescue victims, both life and property is one of moral responsibility and calls the soul of a human volunteer. Search and rescue victims of accidents or natural disasters, both on the highway, mountains, forests and seas is a task that deserves special handling, trained and organized. 

Departing from the common belief that the love of humanity and the environment, some people who have a sense of concern for others the courage to unite participated in addressing social issues, humanitarian and environment, especially at times of a disaster and together find the best way out for sense of security and safety of disaster victims.

With all the limitations that exist at that time, the organization should start running wheel.

In order to meet the needs of cost, equipment and supplies that are absolutely necessary in the conduct of social assistance, they go hand in hand together and give whatever possessed to meet all the needs of this organization.

At that time the organization is running with no name to one when the idea of a name that is BANDA. BANDA name was taken from a street in an area in Balikpapan City, where the road Banda for the first time placed an Repeater station to support all radio communications on every movement of the organization in carrying out humanitarian tasks.

When the meaning of the name is required as an icon of the organization, occurred two words from the word BANDA into BANtuan DArurat (Emergency Relief). And the diverse backgrounds of the personnel who joined when it finally confirmed the name to the Emergency Communications Forum which means "place / container together and communicate with the volunteers care about humanity and the environment" while doing his job has always supported by the radio communication device to facilitate the coordination line and communication in the field.

Over time, the Forum Komunikasi Bantuan Darurat eventually become the embryo formation Banda Indonesia Foundation incorporated by notarial deed Nuraini UTI, SH No. 07 On 4 January 2011. Approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia through Decree number: AHU-4245.AH.01.04. In 2012. Radio station license from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia through a license number: 01478730-000SU/2620112012.