Telphone: 666-777-666


  1. Submission of information about weather and security and order situation in the region of Balikpapan for 24 hours non-stop conducted by personnel who are scattered throughout the city.
  2. Rocks of Volunteer Emergency Search and Rescue (SAR) for disaster.
  3. Emergency assistance when a traffic accident reporting and information related to the ranks of the police, securing evidence and evacuation of casualties to the nearest hospital.
  4. Blood donor assistance to victims of accidents or hospital patients who need help.
  5. Help the victims of natural disasters, floods, landslides, fires and Mount Merapi.
  6. Development Environment in the form of tree planting / reforestation of critical land in the region of Balikpapan.
  7. Communication aid at the time of the accident or in other community activities. Social assistance for the Community.